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Fruit Names

Learn fruit names in Chinese fast. This song will make you remember 8 fruit word names in just 2 minutes!

Posted on: 10 May. 2021
Easy Mandarin about Taiwan

If you love Taiwan, you have to watch this super fun video. These 3 super easy songs cover songs about Taiwan. Chinese Buddy makes learning chinese easy through fun melodies and cool rhythms.

Posted on: 26 Apr. 2021
16 Basic Clothes in Mandarin

Enjoy this fun song to learn the names of 16 clothes in Mandarin Chinese! Chinese Buddy songs make it super fun and easy to learn Mandarin.

Posted on: 19 Apr. 2021
Daily Routines in Chinese

Learn this simple song to describe common daily routines in Chinese. Perfect for beginner Mandarin Chinese leaners, this song will never let you forget these Mandarin Words!

Posted on: 12 Apr. 2021
13 Sports in Mandarin

Enjoy this Chinese Buddy Mandarin learning song about sports!

Posted on: 6 Apr. 2021
Basic Chinese Food Song

Enjoy this Chinese lesson on basic food words by learning from Chinese Buddy.

Posted on: 29 Mar. 2021
Please help! - fun song

How would you say Please Help! in Mandarin. Let's find out by learning it from this song.

Posted on: 22 Mar. 2021
Weather (天气) in Mandarin Chinese

Weather can be very unpredictable isn't it? Let's learn basic weather in Mandarin Chinese with this funky song!

Posted on: 19 Mar. 2021
Buying & Selling in Chinese

The word "to buy" and "to sell" sounds very similar in Chinese. Let's learn of how to say buying and selling things in Chinese. There are tricks to help you to remember them even easier.

Posted on: 15 Mar. 2021
Chinese Verbs 'Have' & 'Don't Have' (有/没有)

Learn to use 'have' and 'don't have' with this super simple and fun song.

Posted on: 8 Mar. 2021
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