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Chinese Family Members

Let's learn more words about family members with super fun song!


Posted on: 5 Mar. 2021
两只老虎 Two Tigers Song

两只老虎 Two Tigers Song from Chinese Buddy is a total re-thinking of this famous song adapted for kids learning Mandarin Chinese.

Posted on: 1 Mar. 2021
9 Things You Need to Know About the Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival officially marks the last day of the Lunar New Year celebration. And just like the New Year, it is one of the most celebrated holidays across Asia. Let's find out the origin of the Lantern Festival and list out some traditions you (probably) have never heard of about the Lantern Festival.

Posted on: 26 Feb. 2021
Please give me - Song

Enjoy learning Mandarin Chinese through this song that practices "Please Give Me."

Posted on: 22 Feb. 2021
Red envelope battle: North China vs. south China

In this series on Chinese New Year traditions, CGTN reporters Li Jiejun, in the northern city of Beijing, Omar Khan, in the southern city of Guangzhou, and Zhu Longzhou face off with red envelopes and Spring Festival greetings visible and countable.

Posted on: 16 Feb. 2021
Lunar New Year in China: Locals celebrate the start of the Year of the Ox

A different way to celebrate Chinese New Year this year due to pandemic. Watch this video to learn how the Chinese celebrate it.

Posted on: 12 Feb. 2021
The Lunar New Year’s Eve feast

With the Lunar New Year only one day away, did you ever wonder what Chinese people have for dinner on this very special occasion?

Posted on: 11 Feb. 2021
How Chinese People Celebrate Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is coming! It's this Friday 12th Feb.
Let's watch this video on how Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year.


Posted on: 8 Feb. 2021
Counting Numbers in Chinese 1 to 100

Numbers are so important in learning Chinese. Let's watch this fun video and learn how to count 1-100 while making dumplings.
It's so fun and catchy!


Posted on: 3 Feb. 2021
"Don't Understand" in Chinese

Watch this video to learn to say "I don't understand" in Mandarin Chinese through Chinese Buddy's song.

Posted on: 1 Feb. 2021
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