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How to do Tai Chi - check out the master

Watch this video and you will be able to do Tai Chi like a real pro!


Posted on: 8 Jan. 2018
How to make a Chinese lantern!

 Check out this youtube link, which will show you how to make an awesome Chinese lantern!


Posted on: 8 Jan. 2018
Amazing Jianzi!

You have to see this to believe it. These two are better than Lukaku and Pogba.


Posted on: 4 Jan. 2018
哈尔滨 - The World's Largest Ice and Snow Festival

Every year these ice palaces are built to attract tourists from all over the world to one of China's northernmost and coldest places.


Posted on: 22 Dec. 2017
A Chinese Christmas

Do Chinese people celebrate Christmas?

Do Chinese people have Christmas dinner at home?

Do they put up decorations and give presents?

Let's find out! 


Posted on: 14 Dec. 2017
Christmas Songs...in Mandarin!

Lots of students have been asking to learn some Mandarin Christmas carols, so here are few you may recognize!


Posted on: 4 Dec. 2017
Shuttlecock kicking!

See how many times these people in the park can 'ti jianzi'!


Posted on: 4 Dec. 2017
有没有 - A fun song to help us remember

Use this song to help you make sentences using "have" and "don't have".


Posted on: 30 Nov. 2017
Check out Donald Trump's granddaughter singing in Mandarin!

Impressive Chinese from Donald Trump's granddaughter!www.youtube.com/watch 

Posted on: 21 Nov. 2017
China's Singles' Day!

 Learn about Single's Day in China - the world's biggest online shopping day!


Posted on: 14 Nov. 2017
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