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Family Members

A fun song with cool animation to help us learn the family members. 


Posted on: 14 Nov. 2017
The elderly in China are amazing - check this out!

Incredible to see how flexible and strong these elderly people are! Check this out!


Posted on: 1 Nov. 2017
The hardest Chinese words!

In Shanghai, an ex-pat tests the local Chinese people their knowledge of some of the hardest characters to pronounce and write.  Hopefully this can give you some confidence the next time you think learning Chinese is tough!


Posted on: 13 Oct. 2017
Why learn Mandarin?

Mandarin is one of the most useful languages in the world!

Watch this clip to see why we should learn!


Posted on: 3 Oct. 2017
Mid-Autumn Festival

It's Mid-Autumn Festival in China.  Here is the mythical story of Chang-E.


Posted on: 3 Oct. 2017
An awesome Mandarin learning series.

Fun Fun Elmo is ALL in Mandarin.  It is hard, but be brave!  Use it for listening practice as they start with tones, numbers and greetings.  It's really fun to watch, and it's a good idea to take out a notebook and write down the words you know in pinyin.  If you like it, there are 26 episodes available!


Posted on: 3 Oct. 2017
Clothing Cartoon

An all Chinese cartoon teaching us about clothes.  This is for students looking for a challenge!  See if you can pick out the items of clothing we have learned in Books 1 and 2.  What other words do you recognise?


Posted on: 19 Sep. 2017
Hello! How are you?

 Remember how to greet people in Chinese with this primary school song!


Posted on: 18 Sep. 2017
Check out this video to learn Chinese radicals!

A fun nature video to remember Chinese radicals and characters! 



Posted on: 5 Sep. 2017
30 fun facts about China!
Posted on: 18 Aug. 2017
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