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The T'ai Chi Master

Check out this T'ai Chi Master making mincemeat out of his opponent!


Posted on: 11 May. 2017
Kung Fu Fighting!

Check out these young westerners have a go at Kung Fu fighting


Posted on: 8 May. 2017
Check out people playing 'ti jianzi' in the park!

Check out these guys playing 'ti jianzi' in the People's park!


Posted on: 1 May. 2017
Names of clothes in Chinese!

Listen to this song to learn the names of some clothes in Chinese!



Posted on: 25 Apr. 2017
Wow, wow - the most amazing Chinese dancers...
Posted on: 23 Apr. 2017
Have a quick look into Beijing's Water Cube!

Have a look inside Beijing's famous water park!



Posted on: 21 Apr. 2017
15 Things You Didn't Know About China!

Discover these interesting facts about China! 



Posted on: 6 Apr. 2017
A fantastic song to remind us why we are learning Chinese!

Chinese teacher at Brighton College, Thomas Godber, helps us remember why we love learning Chinese!


Posted on: 29 Mar. 2017
11 Crucial Chinese Phrases You Must Know!

 Learn these very important phrases before traveling to China!



Posted on: 29 Mar. 2017
Back-packing in China

 Watch these backpackers explore China in their Easter break!



Posted on: 28 Mar. 2017
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