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Chinese Lantern Festival

To mark the end of Chinese New Year, we have a special festival called Lantern Festival. Here's a video about Chinese lanterns.
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Posted on: 8 Feb. 2017
The 15 days of Chinese Year...

You might just recognise the song! Enjoy!


Posted on: 31 Jan. 2017
Lion Dance

Watch this lion Dance performed in Beijing's popular Ditan park. Ever year during Chinese New Year you can find a celebration at this public spot!



Posted on: 20 Jan. 2017
It's time to start celebrating Chinese New Year!

This is a wonderful tale which explains all the main points of Chinese New Year - Enjoy!


Posted on: 15 Jan. 2017
Get ready to sing for Chinese New Year!

 A Chinese New Year song children will sing when the new year is coming!



Posted on: 13 Jan. 2017
Amazing Beijing Fireworks- 2017!

Wow, check these fireworks out. Fireworks from the home of fireworks. China.


Posted on: 3 Jan. 2017
New Year 2017 celebration in Hong Kong

Happy New Year! 
#new year #firework  #Hong Kong

Posted on: 3 Jan. 2017
Do Chinese celebrate Christmas?

This video tells you exactly what the title says! 
#Christmas  #celebration

Posted on: 20 Dec. 2016
Frozen in Chinese!

 Watch Frozen's 'For the first time in forever' in Chinese!



Posted on: 14 Dec. 2016
Do Chinese People Celebrate Christmas in China?

 Watch this video to see what Chinese people do at Christmas time!



Posted on: 8 Dec. 2016
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