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The importance of number 8 in China

Check out why 8 and other numbers are lucky or unlucky



Posted on: 12 Oct. 2016
Simple Chinese Greetings for Young Learners

 Watch this song to help you remember the simple greetings in Chinese! Great for beginner primary students!



Posted on: 10 Oct. 2016
Check out the Forbidden City!

A great, modern take of China's amazing Forbidden City in Beijing


#The Forbidden City

Posted on: 6 Oct. 2016
China Fun Facts

 Check out these fun facts about China - did you know these already? Test yourself!


Posted on: 30 Sep. 2016
Chinese number rap!

Listen to this catchy rap for a great way to remember the Chinese numbers 1-10!



Posted on: 23 Sep. 2016
Story about Chinese Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival

It's Moon Festival on the 15th September this year in 2016. Here's a little story time for the famous Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, or some call it Moon Festival. 
#Moon  #Festival #Mid-Autumn  #Celebration

Posted on: 14 Sep. 2016
Amazing Taiwanese Drummer!

 Check out this amazing Taiwanese drummer playing on the streets in Taiwan!



Posted on: 1 Sep. 2016
Chinese Valentine's Day Story

Happy Valentine's Day! 情人节快乐 ! [qíng rén jié kuài lè].

This is the story of the cowherd and the weaving girl. The couple only sees each other once a year, which on the 7th day of the 7th month according to the Chinese calender. Their love story has moved many people to tears.


Chinese Valentine's Festival

Posted on: 23 Aug. 2016
Chinese Ghost Festival

This month is Chinese Ghost Festival (Zhong Yuan Jie). Check out this video and article about this festival. It is even celebrated in London!
#tradition #festival #ghost

Posted on: 19 Aug. 2016
Super Bus invented in China to help people travel around!

Have a look at this video which shows a new kind of bus that drives over all the other traffic.

Do you think it is safe? Do you think these kind of vehicles will be popular worldwide in the future?

Watch here. 

Posted on: 11 Aug. 2016
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