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What's the difference between Mandarin spoken in China and Taiwan?

Listen to the fantastic Fiona Tian explain the difference in her own colourful way!


Posted on: 5 May. 2016
Singing 'sorry, my Chinese is not good?'

Here is a simple pop song written by some British residents in China/Taiwan singing in Mandarin! See how much Mandarin phrases you can spot? 

#song  #sorry song #singing in Mandarin

Posted on: 21 Apr. 2016
Street Food? Go to Taiwan!

Street food in Taiwan has attracted lots of people including tourists from the mainland China! One of the key features of Taiwanese street food is being very creative but nothing too weird and scary!
Check this video out:

#food  #street food  #Taiwan

Posted on: 6 Apr. 2016
Crazy shopping centre slide

Check out this cool way of getting from the top floor to the bottom floor in a shopping centre in Shanghai!


Posted on: 16 Mar. 2016
Taiwanese taxi driver

Check out this English guy pretending to be a Taiwanese taxi driver!


#taxi driver

Posted on: 14 Mar. 2016
Qing Ming Festival

As it is approaching April, another big and famous Chinese festival is around the corner, Qing Ming. Take a look at this video to tell you more about it! 

#Qing Ming Festival #Tomb Sweeping

Posted on: 14 Mar. 2016
Kung Fu Panda 3 - The Preview!

Check out what that mad Panda is up to... the preview is available now!


#Kung Fu

Posted on: 7 Mar. 2016
Shopping in China

When you do shopping in China, remember to always negotiate with the shop-keepers!



Posted on: 1 Mar. 2016
Lantern Festival!

Lantern Festival is the official final date of the 15-day Chinese New Year celebration! in 2016 the Lantern Festival was on the 22nd Feb! 

Check out two videos of this colourful event in both London and Taipei!


Posted on: 23 Feb. 2016
Mark Zuckerberg wishes everyone Happy Chinese New Year in Chinese!

 Happy Chinese New Year to all of Facebook from Mark Z!

Posted on: 7 Feb. 2016
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