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Hong Kong welcomes 2021 with live-stream virtual fireworks display

Happy New Year!
Hong Kong replaced a traditional fireworks display over Victoria Harbour with a live-streamed virtual display to welcome 2021 amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the second year in a row that New Year fireworks have been cancelled. The previous year’s show was called off due to citywide anti-government protests.

Posted on: 4 Jan. 2021
Shanghai’s drone show welcoming 2020

No big celebration this year, but let's see the fireworks and celebration from 2019.
Chinese state media released video showing a spectacular “New Year’s Eve drone show” along Shanghai’s famous riverfront the Bund. But while the video was dated December 31, 2019, spectators who were on the Bund at the time of the countdown to 2020 said there were no drones in sight.EHang, one of China's largest drone makers that managed the display, said the video was filmed earlier on December 28, 2019, for a show to be broadcast on a Shanghai TV station on New Year’s Eve.

Posted on: 30 Dec. 2020
What is Winter Solstice?

On or around December 22nd of each year, Chinese people get ready for the Winter Solstice solar term. This is a festival to mark the shortest day of the year.

Posted on: 21 Dec. 2020
Why I learned Chinese?

Let's find out why Jared learned Chinese!


Posted on: 16 Dec. 2020
Mandarin Questions - 7 Question Words You Must Know

Learn Mandarin question words and nail these 7 questions words you must know! This is an awesome Mandarin song/rap beginners of all ages will really enjoy!

Posted on: 7 Dec. 2020
HOW TO EAT HOT POT! (Chinese Hot Pot 101)

The best way to keep warm in this cold weather.

Check out how HOW TO EAT HOT POT! (Chinese Hot Pot 101)


Posted on: 30 Nov. 2020
How to say 'Where Are You?' in Chinese

Cheer up your Monday with this song!

Learn Chinese - how to say 'where are you?' in Mandarin Chinese with this super easy song. Great for beginners, it will make sure you never forget.


Posted on: 23 Nov. 2020
The Seasons in Chinese

Beginner Mandarin - Learn the seasons in Chinese through this simple and fun song. 春天 (chūn tiān) = spring 夏天 (xià tiān) = summer 秋天 (qiū tiān) = autumn 冬天 (dōng tiān) = winter 一年来,(yì nián lái) = a year comes 一年过去 (yì nian guò qù) = a year goes 季节 (jì jìé) = the seasons 一年来,(yì nián lái) = a year comes 一年过去 (yì nian guò qù) = a year goes

Posted on: 20 Nov. 2020
7 Fun Songs- Learn Chinese Food & Drink (7首饮食的歌)

 Listen to these 7 songs to easily learn Chinese food and drink words in Chinese! Enjoy the learning process and easily remember words through this fun compilation of songs!

Posted on: 16 Nov. 2020
What is Singles Day?

 Let's find out what's this single day 11.11 about ?

Singles Day generates more revenue than the online sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. CNBC's Uptin Saiidi explains the history behind the world's largest online and offline shopping event.


Posted on: 11 Nov. 2020
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