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Australian boy wakes up speaking Chinese

Australian boy goes into coma and then wakes up speaking fluent Chinese!


Posted on: 7 Jun. 2015
Check out this woman who woke up sounding Chinese!

Check out this woman who woke up sounding Chinese - weird!


Posted on: 7 Jun. 2015
All about the Dragon Boat Festival

See the link below and learn all about China's fantastic Dragon Boat Festival!


Posted on: 7 Jun. 2015
Crazy Chinese fighting

Don't mess with the Chinese tourist, as these hoodlums found out to their misfortune!



Posted on: 13 May. 2015
Crazy Chinese family tree

 Check out how many different names there are for one's relatives in China. The mind boggles!


#family tree

Posted on: 12 May. 2015
How They Do It In Taiwan

Check out 

how a truck unloading big load bamboo in Taiwan! 


#funny # Taiwan #bamboo

Posted on: 30 Apr. 2015
World's tallest man is Chinese

 Check out this video showcasing the world's tallest man, who is Chinese!


Posted on: 15 Apr. 2015
Top 10 Misconceptions about China

Think you know all about China? Here are 10 things you would be surprised to hear..

#misconceptions #China  #culture  #China facts

Posted on: 10 Apr. 2015
Qingming Festival: History and Origins

Instead of Easter, Chinese people are more familiar with Qingming Festival, or Tomb Sweeping Festival. Find out more here in the video:


#Qingming   #Tomb Sweeping  #Festival

Posted on: 1 Apr. 2015
My Chinese New Year - a personal account

Check out ex-Holby City star talk about her Chinese New Year.



Posted on: 2 Mar. 2015
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