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'We Wish You a Merry Xmas' in Chinese!

Check out the famous Christmas song in Chinese 


Posted on: 24 Nov. 2014
Fireworks Exhibition from Liuyang (China's Firework Production Centre)

Happy Bonfire Night!

Don't forget that Fireworks are from China originally. The city of Liuyang is famous for producing many of the fireworks used all over the world.

Here's a display of what can be done with fireworks these days:

#fireworks #madeinchina #bonfirenight

Posted on: 5 Nov. 2014
Amazing Chinese dancing
Posted on: 29 Oct. 2014
'Let It Go' from Frozen in Chinese!


One of the most popular songs in 2013, you can now listen and even try to sing it yourself... in Chinese!

This is definitely one for the karaoke party!


Posted on: 29 Oct. 2014
小兔子乖乖 -- 'Little Rabbit' song

 'Little White Rabbit vs. Big Bad Wolf' Chinese version -- this song is sung a lot in nursery and primary schools in China!
Below you have the lyrics:

小兔子乖乖把门儿开开 Xiăo tùzi guaāi guāi, bă mén er kāi kāi

快点儿开开我要进来Kuài diăn er kāi kāi wŏ yào jìn lá

不开不开我不开妈妈不回来谁来也不开 bù kāi bù kāi wŏ bù kāi māma bù huílái shéi lái yě bù kāi

小兔子乖乖把门儿开开 Xiăo tùzi guaāi guāi, bă mén er kāi kāi

快点儿开开我要进来 Kuài diăn er kāi kāi wŏ yào jìn lá
就开就开我就开妈妈回来了 jiù kāi jiù kāi wŏ jiù kāi māma huílái le

我就把门开 Wŏ jiù băi mén kāi

#little rabbit

Posted on: 28 Oct. 2014
Chinese story - The Ten Suns

This is a famous story often told in Chinese primary schools: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEzgAiIV0zM

Posted on: 15 Oct. 2014
I love my family!

 A great way to learn how to say you love your family!


#members of the family

Posted on: 6 Oct. 2014
China's amazing dancers - Swan Lake in Chinese

 The Chinese version of 'Swan Lake' - wow!



Posted on: 28 Sep. 2014
'Looking for Friends' -- popular song in Chinese primary school!

Another famous song sung in many schools in China--

#children's songs   #school  # popular  

Posted on: 25 Sep. 2014
Finger Family (Chinese Family) Nursery Rhymes

Review 'Family Members' in Mandarin using this 'Fingers Song!' 


#Family members  

Posted on: 16 Sep. 2014
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