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'Ni Wa Wa' (The Mud Doll) -- another famous Chinese song sung in primary schools!

This is particularly popular amongst the girls, naturally! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJsVZzZRuiA #children's song #nursery rhyme #primary schools

Posted on: 4 Sep. 2014
Chinese Primary School Playground Games

Check out this video showing a Chinese primary school's break time. Watch what they're playing at the playground!


#play  #playground #school

Posted on: 22 Aug. 2014
Famous Chinese Song Sung in Schools-- 'When We Are Together

Check out this famous school song 当我们同在一起! (When We Are Together). It is famous always sung in Chinese primary schools!

#Chinese songs  #school 

Posted on: 21 Aug. 2014
'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' in Chinese

Enjoy! Below also you have the lyrics in pinyin and characters!

Yī shǎn yī shǎn liàngjīngjīng,
Mǎn tiān dou shì xiǎo xīngxīng 
Guà zài tiānkōng fàng guāngmíng,
Hǎoxiàng xǔduō xiǎo yǎnjīng  
Yī shǎn yī shǎn liàngjīngjīng,
Mǎn tiān dou shì xiǎo xīngxīng  


#nursery rhyme #children's songs  #Chinese songs

Posted on: 22 Jul. 2014
Learn 'parts of the body' in Chinese with a famous tune!

A song to practise your 'Head Shoulders Knees and Toes' in Chinese! How cool is that!


#nursery rhyme #children's songs  #Chinese songs

Posted on: 22 Jul. 2014
Toilets in China

Ever wonder what the public toilets are like or do you remember what they are like if you have been to China? See this report from a Western perspective.


#culture  #differences 

Posted on: 14 Jul. 2014
Chopsticks vs. Forks

As part of the Chinese culture, chopsticks are so important at the dining table! However do you sometimes settle with using just a fork to eat? Check out this fun video.


#funny  #culture  #differences

Posted on: 20 Jun. 2014
Wonderful Journey of Chinese Characters - Tolerance

Check out the story about Chinese characters! Remember, each Chinese character has a always got a story to tell. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtdsGe0LNIs

#Chinese characters   #story

Posted on: 6 Jun. 2014
The Beijing Olympics Song

 A great way to remember how to say "Welcome to Beijing"! Thus is the official 2008 Olympics song...check out Jackie Chang!


Posted on: 24 May. 2014
The Story of Qu Yuan ( Duanwu Festival)

This is the time of the year soon again for the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival (or it is called Duanwu Festival), one of China's three most famous festivals. For this year according to the Chinese lunar calendar, it will be on the 2nd of June. Check out this story about the festival.


Posted on: 16 May. 2014
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