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How to ask for a menu?

This video will help next time you are at a Chinese restaurant...


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Posted on: 28 Jan. 2013
An amazing 4 year old boy playing piano!

One day you will be as great at Mandarin, as this boy is at piano.


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Posted on: 25 Jan. 2013
A Robot Restaurant!

A restaurant in China has robots working for them; they take your order and serve your food...check out these photos!


Tags: Food, Technology, Future, Harbin

Posted on: 23 Jan. 2013
China's Ice & Snow Festival

Check out some images from the Harbin International Ice & Snow Festival.

The festival is held each year in Harbin in northeastern China's Heilongjiang province. Started in 1963, it features huge displays of buildings made from blocks of ice and all are lit up with colorful lights for nighttime viewing.


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Posted on: 21 Jan. 2013
What will we look like in 100 years?

Scientists have made a prediction of what we will look like in 100 years…you may still be alive then!



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Posted on: 17 Jan. 2013
Chinese New Year coming up...

February 10th is Chinese New Year and I can't stop thinking about all the yummy food I can eat on that day..


Tags: Dumplings, Food

Posted on: 16 Jan. 2013
Complete your homework with your friends...

Here is a guide on how to call your friends and ask to help them with your homework...


Posted on: 10 Jan. 2013
King Fu Kingdom is now here!

Some of you may have noticed a change on the webpage yesterday (Hint: Look at the top right).

We have launched a new feature called Kung Fu Kingdom where you can earn points and collect belts...all while learning Chinese!

To celebrate this new feature, here's a clip of a Kung Fu student;


Tage: Kung Fu, Martial Arts

Posted on: 8 Jan. 2013
The Legend of Chang'e and Houyi

China has many great stories and tales...here's one of them;


Tags: Legend, Story, Myth

Posted on: 7 Jan. 2013
Anyone know what a Chinese 'chengyu' is?

It's time to find out! Listen to this one. It doesn't matter if you don't understand the Chinese. Follow the English - it is really funny!


Posted on: 4 Jan. 2013