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Check out this video of basic introductions in Chinese!

Start putting what you know into practice! Don't worry if you don't recognise all the words - but make sure you look out for the MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY - you know those!


Posted on: 3 Jan. 2013
What is the Mid-Autumn Festival all about?

Everyone seems to know about Chinese New Year... what about the Mid-Autumn Festival?? You will see the English translation but listen out for the Chinese words that you already know!


Tags: Festival, Celebration

Posted on: 2 Jan. 2013
China's best roller coaster!

Join this person's ride on a roller coaster in Guangzhou...


Posted on: 13 Dec. 2012
All you need to know about the Great Wall!

Watch this short video and learn all you need to know about the Great Wall of China!


Posted on: 10 Dec. 2012
Basketball for the weekend?

All this cold weather makes me think we should play an indoor sport!

Is Yi Jianlian China's greatest ever basketball player?

Check out his Top 10 plays from the NBA in the USA.


Posted on: 7 Dec. 2012
The magic ruler!

The great Primary School Chinese magician, Paul, shows how you can change your ruler in a flash!


Posted on: 4 Dec. 2012
Walking across China - watch the beard grow!

This gentleman walked through China in one year, more than 4500km. He clearly didn't have a razor with him...


Posted on: 3 Dec. 2012
What's for dinner tonight?

Watch a couple of Canadians sample some of the local delicacies in Beijing…


Posted on: 30 Nov. 2012
How long is a piece of rope?

Our resident magician Paul, shows how you can make your piece of rope longer…you just need to know how!!


Posted on: 29 Nov. 2012
Let's see Chinese primary school students sing in English!

Remember learning how to sing 'hokey cokey' in English?  Well, it's time to see the Chinese do it!


Posted on: 27 Nov. 2012