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What's the time in Mandarin (Song)

When telling the time, can you spot the number that is not what you would expect?...


Posted on: 23 May. 2019
Learn Mandarin | Daily Routines in Chinese

Learn this simple song to describe common daily routines in Chinese. 


Posted on: 23 May. 2019
Sky Bridge: China's amazing horizontal skyscraper

Chongqing: China's new $4.8 billion horizontal skyscraper : Chinese workers have nearly completed a $3.61US billion mega commercial complex with an incredible 'horizontal skyscraper' almost 304.8m (1,000 ft) across the top. An impressive glass-walled sky bridge will be laid across the top and connect six high-rise towers at 820ft. Stretching 984ft like a horizontal skyscraper, the spectacular glass-walled structure is nearly as long as The Shard in London laid on its side.


Posted on: 16 May. 2019
The Avengers...in Chinese!!

Learn how to say your favourite Avengers characters in Chinese!!!

This is a fun way to learn other vocabulary words as well.


Posted on: 15 May. 2019
Chinese Street Food DAN DAN NOODLE Tour in Sichuan, China

One of the best Chinese street foods you will ever eat in China is the Dan Dan Noodles!

He is not called Dan.


Posted on: 9 May. 2019
How Much Does it Cost? - Song

 Learn Chinese - 'how much does it cost' in Chinese through this fun song for kids! A great song for basic Mandarin mastery!


Posted on: 9 May. 2019
Learn Mandarin Chinese Body Parts

Learn Chinese words and pinyin by singing along with our best friend, Brobot. Have fun with this children movement song and learn the Chinese body parts such as hands, shoulder and head! Clap your hands with us! 来和我们一起学华文和汉语拼音!过来一起拍拍手! 


Posted on: 29 Mar. 2019
Right or Wrong?

Learn a Simple Chinese Song! With this song you'll learn: "Right or Wrong?"( 对不对?) in Chinese.


Posted on: 26 Mar. 2019
The Fish Ice-Cream Song

Learn Chinese how to say beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish and ice-cream in Chinese. This fun song will never let you forget it! Songs absolutely make everything super easy to remember!


Posted on: 19 Mar. 2019
Chinese Geography - Country Names Song

Learn some of the basic country names around in the world in Mandarin. Learn words for China, Korea, the USA, England, Australia, New Zealand and Russia! 


Posted on: 13 Mar. 2019
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