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Are you a Fire Tiger or Metal Ox?

 Most of us know our Chinese zodiac animals, but did you know there are five different elements as well? Enter your date of birth here to find out everything you need to know!


Posted on: 21 Jan. 2020
Chinese High School for a Day

This student spent a year at a high school in Anshan, Liaoning, China (鞍山市第三中学) and this is what the students there do on a daily basis.


Posted on: 15 Jan. 2020
Sesame Street: "Fun Fun Elmo," Episode 25 (A Mandarin Chinese Language Learning Program)

In Episode 25, learn the Chinese character "dog" (狗) and watch a short film shot with local children and families in Suzhou showing you the pet stores there.

Here is the full playlist of 26 episodes!



Posted on: 20 Dec. 2019
Oh, Christmas Tree in Chinese

Oh, Christmas Tree in Chinese - Enjoy this fun Chinese Buddy song version of a Christmas classic. Also, check out more Mandarin learning on this channel! www.youtube.com/chinesebuddy 


Posted on: 10 Dec. 2019
Mandarin School Subjects Song !

Let's learn how to say our school subjects!

Posted on: 11 Nov. 2019
What do Chinese people eat for breakfast?

Come take a look at a variety of yummy Chinese breakfast foods!

Posted on: 11 Nov. 2019
Amazing Fireworks in Victoria Harbour

 Check out these amazing fireworks in Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong last month. A-mazing!

Posted on: 10 Nov. 2019
The Chinese Family Tree

Let's take a look at how to say all the Chinese family members!

Posted on: 14 Oct. 2019
Rooms in your house in Chinese!

Learn Chinese house room names! Totally easy Mandarin and super fun song to learn


Posted on: 4 Oct. 2019
Learn Mandarin with the Carter Family!

The Carter Family 1: Game Night (卡特家庭 1: 游戏之夜) | Family | Chinese | By Little Fox

Meet the Carters -- Emmy, Harry, Oliver, Mom, Dad, and Aunt Judy. Join the fun as the Carters build a tree house, visit the dentist, head to the beach, and have a picnic together. An original Little Fox series that helps readers learn about everyday situations and family life

Posted on: 13 Sep. 2019
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