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Find Out Your Chinese Zodiac

Maybe you know your animal, but do you know what type? Are you a metal ox, a fire dragon, or maybe a water tiger?

This year Chinese New Year falls on 5th February, and it will be the Year of the Pig.


Posted on: 29 Jan. 2019
Stars Speaking Chinese

Featuring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Novak Djokovic, and many others. Some are good at it, some not so good!


Posted on: 23 Jan. 2019
to have and not have

What has mayonaise got to do with learning Chinese? Can you work it out?


Posted on: 9 Jan. 2019
A Fun Movie

Many of us enjoy watching movies over Christmas. Here is a movie in Mandarin, with both Chinese and English subtitles. It is part of a very popular series in China, called 喜羊羊.


Posted on: 13 Dec. 2018
A Christmas Playlist in Chinese!

 9 traditional Christmas songs and stories in Mandarin. 

Shèngdàn kuàilè
Merry Christmas


Posted on: 7 Dec. 2018
可以吗 - May I?

It's very useful to learn how to ask "May I?" in Chinese.


Posted on: 15 Nov. 2018

 Countries and nationalities.


Posted on: 12 Nov. 2018
What's your age?

 Just use a number and add the word 'sui' to make your age!


Posted on: 15 Oct. 2018
Autumn in China
Posted on: 9 Oct. 2018
Rooms of the House

This song has some funny ways of helping us to remember rooms. For example, we "chew" in the chúfáng (kitchen).


Posted on: 9 Oct. 2018
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