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Discover Beijing's Hutongs & Traditional Courtyards!

 Have a peek inside real traditional courtyard houses and the narrow streets (known as Hutongs) of Beijing!



Posted on: 14 Oct. 2016
The importance of number 8 in China

Check out why 8 and other numbers are lucky or unlucky



Posted on: 12 Oct. 2016
Simple Chinese Greetings for Young Learners

 Watch this song to help you remember the simple greetings in Chinese! Great for beginner primary students!



Posted on: 10 Oct. 2016
Check out the Forbidden City!

A great, modern take of China's amazing Forbidden City in Beijing


#The Forbidden City

Posted on: 6 Oct. 2016
China Fun Facts

 Check out these fun facts about China - did you know these already? Test yourself!


Posted on: 30 Sep. 2016
Chinese number rap!

Listen to this catchy rap for a great way to remember the Chinese numbers 1-10!



Posted on: 23 Sep. 2016
Story about Chinese Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival

It's Moon Festival on the 15th September this year in 2016. Here's a little story time for the famous Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, or some call it Moon Festival. 
#Moon  #Festival #Mid-Autumn  #Celebration

Posted on: 14 Sep. 2016
Amazing Taiwanese Drummer!

 Check out this amazing Taiwanese drummer playing on the streets in Taiwan!



Posted on: 1 Sep. 2016
Chinese Valentine's Day Story

Happy Valentine's Day! 情人节快乐 ! [qíng rén jié kuài lè].

This is the story of the cowherd and the weaving girl. The couple only sees each other once a year, which on the 7th day of the 7th month according to the Chinese calender. Their love story has moved many people to tears.


Chinese Valentine's Festival

Posted on: 23 Aug. 2016
Chinese Ghost Festival

This month is Chinese Ghost Festival (Zhong Yuan Jie). Check out this video and article about this festival. It is even celebrated in London!
#tradition #festival #ghost

Posted on: 19 Aug. 2016
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