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Hello! How are you?

 Remember how to greet people in Chinese with this primary school song!


Posted on: 18 Sep. 2017
Check out this video to learn Chinese radicals!

A fun nature video to remember Chinese radicals and characters! 



Posted on: 5 Sep. 2017
30 fun facts about China!
Posted on: 18 Aug. 2017
China's forest city!

 China plans to build the first forest city to tackle air pollution.



Posted on: 5 Jul. 2017
Watch this home-made Chinese rocket wheel

Amazing! Not sure they thought it was going to go that high!

Posted on: 25 Jun. 2017
Check out this Chinese magician controls these crazy Chinese fish!

Check out how this Chinese magician controls these crazy fish!


Posted on: 8 Jun. 2017
Kids try Chinese meals!

 Watch American Kids try Chinese breakfast, lunch and dinner!



Posted on: 5 Jun. 2017
More Chinese funny videos for June!

Check out these pranks on Chinese TV


Posted on: 4 Jun. 2017
Chinese Tea

Watch this video to learn about Tea's history!



Posted on: 26 May. 2017
More Chinese videos

Check out these funny Chinese videos...


Posted on: 22 May. 2017
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