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A fantastic song to remind us why we are learning Chinese!

Chinese teacher at Brighton College, Thomas Godber, helps us remember why we love learning Chinese!


Posted on: 29 Mar. 2017
11 Crucial Chinese Phrases You Must Know!

 Learn these very important phrases before traveling to China!



Posted on: 29 Mar. 2017
Back-packing in China

 Watch these backpackers explore China in their Easter break!



Posted on: 28 Mar. 2017
'Happy Lamb' Chinese TV series!

 Happy Lamb '喜羊羊' is a cartoon series which is very popular with Chinese school children. See the first episode here!



Posted on: 21 Mar. 2017
Funny Dan learns Chinese to impress his girlfriend

Check out 'Off the Great Wall's' latest video!


Posted on: 19 Mar. 2017
Check out the Food Ranger!

The Food Ranger is back! Look how much he eats and how good his Chinese is. This will be you soon:-)


Posted on: 12 Mar. 2017
In a Chinese Supermarket

What could you find in a Chinese supermarket?

Posted on: 9 Mar. 2017
Chinese Pancakes! 'Jianbing'

Check out the Chinese breakfast crepe known as a  'jianbing' which is widely sold in Beijing, and all over China. 



Posted on: 27 Feb. 2017
A fun way to learn fruits in Chinese!

Chosen by my daughter Clemmie, this is a great way to learn the main fruits in Chinese!



Posted on: 26 Feb. 2017
Discover Winter in Beijing

Discover Winter in Beijing, top tourist attractions and local food!


Posted on: 20 Feb. 2017
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