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Lucky and unlucky numbers in China

Check out which numbers are lucky and unlucky in China!



Posted on: 15 Jul. 2016
The Great Wall of China - True or False?

So, let's find out more about the Great Wall...


#the Great Wall
#the Great Wall of China

Posted on: 17 Jun. 2016
Dragon Boat Festival 2016

It is Dragon Boat Festival again soon! This is one of the biggest Chinese traditional festivals. Dragon boat racing is naturally the tradition! Do you know the races don't just take place in China, but all over the world? Check out this one taking place in the UK.

#Dragon Boat Festival  #Dragon boat race  #Chinese traditional festivals

Posted on: 7 Jun. 2016
Hot Summer in China?

Check out this video where the hot summer heat in China is leaving the students with no choice but....

#summer  #heat  #hot  #China summer

Posted on: 31 May. 2016
22 facts about China that you did not know

See how many of these you know...


Posted on: 22 May. 2016
Fit in or Fail?

 This BBC documentary shows a camp that trains young people to become more disciplined. Let's compare the cultural differences! 
#young people in China  #discipline

Posted on: 12 May. 2016
Yao Ming's top 10 basketball plays

 Watch China's superstar Yao Ming deliver an almighty punch in the NBA.  


#Yao Ming

Posted on: 12 May. 2016
The best Chinese coin trick every performed!

 This is amazing. Watch this Chinese magician perform what we think is the best coin trick ever performed!

Posted on: 12 May. 2016
What's the difference between Mandarin spoken in China and Taiwan?

Listen to the fantastic Fiona Tian explain the difference in her own colourful way!


Posted on: 5 May. 2016
Singing 'sorry, my Chinese is not good?'

Here is a simple pop song written by some British residents in China/Taiwan singing in Mandarin! See how much Mandarin phrases you can spot? 

#song  #sorry song #singing in Mandarin

Posted on: 21 Apr. 2016
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