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What a great song for remembering colours!

Listen to this great song for remembering the colours!www.youtube.com/watch

Posted on: 19 Feb. 2017
China's 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala Opening!

The CCTV Spring Festival Gala, known in Chinese as 'Chunwan', is a Chinese New Year special TV program broadcast on New Year's eve. It has the largest audience for any entertainment show in the world, featuring music, dance, comedy and drama performances!



Posted on: 13 Feb. 2017
Do we use Mandarin on a future job?

Check out this video about jobs and learning Mandarin.
#Mandarin learning #jobs

Posted on: 13 Feb. 2017
Chinese Lantern Festival

To mark the end of Chinese New Year, we have a special festival called Lantern Festival. Here's a video about Chinese lanterns.
#Chinese New year  #lantern  #festival

Posted on: 8 Feb. 2017
The 15 days of Chinese Year...

You might just recognise the song! Enjoy!


Posted on: 31 Jan. 2017
Lion Dance

Watch this lion Dance performed in Beijing's popular Ditan park. Ever year during Chinese New Year you can find a celebration at this public spot!



Posted on: 20 Jan. 2017
It's time to start celebrating Chinese New Year!

This is a wonderful tale which explains all the main points of Chinese New Year - Enjoy!


Posted on: 15 Jan. 2017
Get ready to sing for Chinese New Year!

 A Chinese New Year song children will sing when the new year is coming!



Posted on: 13 Jan. 2017
Amazing Beijing Fireworks- 2017!

Wow, check these fireworks out. Fireworks from the home of fireworks. China.


Posted on: 3 Jan. 2017
New Year 2017 celebration in Hong Kong

Happy New Year! 
#new year #firework  #Hong Kong

Posted on: 3 Jan. 2017
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