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Do Chinese celebrate Christmas?

This video tells you exactly what the title says! 
#Christmas  #celebration

Posted on: 20 Dec. 2016
Frozen in Chinese!

 Watch Frozen's 'For the first time in forever' in Chinese!



Posted on: 14 Dec. 2016
Do Chinese People Celebrate Christmas in China?

 Watch this video to see what Chinese people do at Christmas time!



Posted on: 8 Dec. 2016
China's got talent - amazing 3 year old

Check this 3 year old on China's got talent!


Posted on: 8 Dec. 2016
Further Family Members

 Learn further family members with this catchy song!



Posted on: 30 Nov. 2016
Chinese Dining Etiquette

Check out this video which will teach you about etiquette in China. Important if you want to be invited back!



Posted on: 30 Nov. 2016
Grandparents rock in China!

 ... in fact they look after the grandkids while the parents go out to work!


Posted on: 17 Nov. 2016
Two Tigers Song!

 A great song for young learners to sing and dance to!



Posted on: 13 Nov. 2016
Little Donkey -- a famous children's song in school!

Let's learn this song sung by so many Chinese children when they are in school! 


#little donkey  #children song #nursery rhyme

Posted on: 9 Nov. 2016
Check out the biggest Buddha in the world!

Check out the biggest Buddha in the world. It is based in Leshan, in Sichuan province.



Posted on: 6 Nov. 2016
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