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 There are 12 animals represent the Chinese Zodiac for each year. 
Too many for you !? Don't worry, sing the song and you will easily learn the order of Chinese Zodiac! 


# Chinese Zodiac # Chinese New Year # Song

Posted on: 17 Nov. 2015
Chinese Character - Love

Love is All You Need!

let's learn the character - love in Chinese and you may tell your friends what or who do you love !

 Love # Character # I love .....

Posted on: 17 Nov. 2015
Learn to say animals vocabulary in Mandarin

Animals are so cute! But do you know how to name animals in Chinese? 

Let's learn it together!


# Animals # Vocabulary

Posted on: 17 Nov. 2015
Let's Count from 1 to 30 !

Count 1 to 10 in Mandarin is too easy for you ? 

Why not try to count 1 to 30 ?

Here you go ......


# Numbers # 1- 30

Posted on: 17 Nov. 2015
Greeting Song - simple way to learn "Greetings" in Mandarins

Do you want to learn "Greetings" in Mandarin in 3 minutes ? Just sing along !


Gretting # Hello # What's your name? # Goodbye 

Posted on: 17 Nov. 2015
The famous song 'Two Tigers'

Want to know what happens to these two very famous tigers?!
Here is the song.......   


Tigers # Ears # Tails

Posted on: 17 Nov. 2015
Love is all round in your family.

Learn a song about the love of your family members in Mandarins and you can try to sing to them!


# Family members # Love # I love

Posted on: 17 Nov. 2015
A song to teach numbers 1-7 in Chinese

A fun and friendly way to learn how to count from 1-7 in Mandarin Chinese. Why not sing along

Numbers 1-7


Posted on: 17 Nov. 2015
'Butterfly' -- another famous song from the Chinese childhood

Check out this song, sung by many Chinese children when they grow up, below is the English translation of the lyrics:
Butterfly, butterfly really pretty Wearing golden wires on the head, (wearing) colourful dress on the body You love flowers; flowers love you too You can dance; flowers have sweet honey´╗┐


#butterfly  #children's song

Posted on: 16 Nov. 2015
Some Chinese Inventions

Check out these inventions originated from China! how many did you know that were invented by the Chinese?

Posted on: 2 Nov. 2015
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