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Chinese version of Halloween

As Halloween is approaching, do you know Chinese also have a festival dedicated to ghosts?!
Check out this video:

#Halloween #ghost #festival

Posted on: 16 Oct. 2015
Some Chinese food that we either love or hate

Some common Chinese food could divide people's opinions, we either love it or hate it! 
#food #strange food #tasty food

Posted on: 9 Oct. 2015
Listen to Justin Bieber's 'Baby' in Chinese

Check out Jason Chen's version of Justin Bieber's' 'Baby'! 


Posted on: 20 Sep. 2015
The longest ping pong rally ever!

Check out this amazing rally! Ping pong on a different level...


ping pong
#table tennis

Posted on: 16 Sep. 2015
Fancy some special food for dinner?

 6 Chinese foods you either love or hate:



Posted on: 15 Sep. 2015
2000 years Chinese history in 10 minutes
Posted on: 15 Sep. 2015
Kung Fu Fighting - Mr Bean Style!
Posted on: 13 Sep. 2015
'Counting Ducks'

A famous children's song called 'Counting Ducks'...pinyin included. 


#ducks  #song 

Posted on: 27 Aug. 2015
Watch this diablo genius!

Did you know that the Diablo was invented in China? Watch this amazing guy work his magic!



Posted on: 25 Aug. 2015
Ever wonder about Chinese Surnames?

This is a short video talking about some of the most common/popular Chinese surnames!

#Chinese surname  #name  #popular surname  #common surname  #origin of surnames

Posted on: 27 Jul. 2015
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