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Top 10 Misconceptions about China

Think you know all about China? Here are 10 things you would be surprised to hear..

#misconceptions #China  #culture  #China facts

Posted on: 10 Apr. 2015
Qingming Festival: History and Origins

Instead of Easter, Chinese people are more familiar with Qingming Festival, or Tomb Sweeping Festival. Find out more here in the video:


#Qingming   #Tomb Sweeping  #Festival

Posted on: 1 Apr. 2015
My Chinese New Year - a personal account

Check out ex-Holby City star talk about her Chinese New Year.



Posted on: 2 Mar. 2015
10 Things You Didn't Know About China

So if you think China is just about chopsticks, delicious food and Mandarin, maybe you could check out this video!

#things you didn't know

Posted on: 2 Mar. 2015
Pancake Day - Here's a Chinese Pancake - Yum!

Street food in China is a quick and popular way to grab a snack during your day.


Here, Chinese street food vendors make and sell a kind of pancake called a Jiānbing (煎饼). It's very quick and cheap - only about 40p!

Would you like to try one?!

#pancakeday #chinesefood #streetfood #chinese

Posted on: 17 Feb. 2015
Chinese Dining Etiquette

Chinese New Year is coming! As food being a huge part of the celebration, what do Chinese consider good and bad table manners? Check this out! 

#Chinese food  #Etiquette  #Food

Posted on: 17 Feb. 2015
Climbing the world's second tallest building - Shanghai

 Check out these mad men climbing the world's second tallest building - in Shanghai


Posted on: 15 Feb. 2015
The Story of Chinese New Year (Spring Festival)

 It is that time of the year again soon! Here is a version of the Chinese New Year story!

#Chinese New Year  # Spring Festival  #Story   #Nian

Posted on: 25 Jan. 2015
Amazing ping pong


#hashtag #pingpong  #tabletennis 

Posted on: 22 Jan. 2015
Stunt Ping Pong

In China, both Ping Pong and Kung Fu are really popular. Some people have combined the two to make this incredible stunt video... or is it all a trick?!?!


pingpong #china #kungfu #stunts #funny

Posted on: 21 Jan. 2015
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