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Tai Chi

Many Chinese people practice Tai Chi. It's a great way to learn self-defence and is fantastic for your health!


Tags: Health, Martial Arts

Posted on: 28 May. 2013
Learn how to use chopsticks from Kung Fu Panda

Master Sheifu teaches Po how to use chopsticks.


Tags: Food, Film

Posted on: 24 May. 2013
The Bullet Train!

Watch this video of the fastest train in the world! Goes over 210 miles per hour.


Tags: Transport, Technology

Posted on: 20 May. 2013
A video to help learn Chinese characters

Check out the below video from a woman who helps you learn characters more easily.


Posted on: 9 May. 2013
Chinese Tea Ceremony

Check out this video of a Chinese Tea cermony...very cool.


Tags: Tradition, Food

Posted on: 7 May. 2013
World's most expensive apple?

This particular apple in Shanghai costs 1,988 Yuan (or £208.00)! It better taste nice..


Tags: Food, Bizarre

Posted on: 30 Apr. 2013
Chinese Summer Dancing

After a long Winter, Summer is finally coming.

Check out this video on Chinese Summer Dancing in the evening.


Tags: Dancing, culture, daily life

Posted on: 26 Apr. 2013
Famous childrens story in Chinese

The story of 'The Tortoise and the Hare', but in Chinese...


Tags: Story, Stories

Posted on: 20 Mar. 2013
China's own Iron Man!

A Chinese man went to offices in Shanghai in his home made Iron Man suit!

Check out the video...


Tags: Inventions, bizarre

Posted on: 18 Mar. 2013
China's invisible man

Chinese artist Liu Bolin creates art works in which he blends remarkably into the background – of cinema stalls, magazine racks, coal heaps and more. Check this out!


Tags: Art

Posted on: 14 Mar. 2013
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