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If you missed the last video we posted of the Mid-Autumn Festival, here's another short clip to let you know what it's all about!


Posted on: 20 Sep. 2013
Mid-Autumn Festival

September 19 is the date for celebrating their traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, check out some of the celebrations here:


Posted on: 11 Sep. 2013
Sounding Chinese?

Check out this video of a British woman who developed a Chinese-sounding accent after being rushed to hospital with a migraine.


Tags: Weird, voice

Posted on: 4 Sep. 2013
Dog or Lion?

An animal described as an 'African lion' at a Chinese zoo was exposed as a fraud - when the creature started barking in front of visitors...


Posted on: 30 Aug. 2013
Paris in China!

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, is filled with grand European buildings and wide walkways - with their own Effiel Tower!


Tags: Buildings, construction

Posted on: 28 Aug. 2013
The 2 tigers...

A song to learn over the summer!

The famous song 'Two Tigers' 两只老虎.


Posted on: 6 Aug. 2013
Chinese hotel built in 15 days!

Check out this cool video of a fully functioning hotel built in the Hunan Province in only 15 days.

It just took 360 hours to build.


Tags: Technology, building

Posted on: 14 Jun. 2013
The Pinyin Pirate!

A video and tale to help with those tricky tones...


Posted on: 13 Jun. 2013
Flying man competition...

Competition in China to find the fastest flying man!


Tags: Sports, extreme

Posted on: 7 Jun. 2013
Chinese man builds own robotic arms!

A Chinese farmer who lost both his hands in an accident has built his own robotic arms!


Tags: Technology

Posted on: 4 Jun. 2013