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The Pig Song for New Year!

 Wishing you a happy new year!


Posted on: 7 Feb. 2019
Check out this awesome mass dance-off

This was the headteacher's way of getting more children off ipads! Seemed to have worked.


Posted on: 29 Jan. 2019
The Story of Nian

This version goes into more detail about the monster, "Nian", which also means year.


Posted on: 29 Jan. 2019
Fortune Tales - The Story of Chinese New Year

In this video, learn all about the traditions and legends that make Chinese New Year the most exciting time of the year in Chinese culture.

Posted on: 29 Jan. 2019
Find Out Your Chinese Zodiac

Maybe you know your animal, but do you know what type? Are you a metal ox, a fire dragon, or maybe a water tiger?

This year Chinese New Year falls on 5th February, and it will be the Year of the Pig.


Posted on: 29 Jan. 2019
Stars Speaking Chinese

Featuring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Novak Djokovic, and many others. Some are good at it, some not so good!


Posted on: 23 Jan. 2019
to have and not have

What has mayonaise got to do with learning Chinese? Can you work it out?


Posted on: 9 Jan. 2019
A Fun Movie

Many of us enjoy watching movies over Christmas. Here is a movie in Mandarin, with both Chinese and English subtitles. It is part of a very popular series in China, called 喜羊羊.


Posted on: 13 Dec. 2018
A Christmas Playlist in Chinese!

 9 traditional Christmas songs and stories in Mandarin. 

Shèngdàn kuàilè
Merry Christmas


Posted on: 7 Dec. 2018
可以吗 - May I?

It's very useful to learn how to ask "May I?" in Chinese.


Posted on: 15 Nov. 2018
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