Dragons' Tales
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May I Go to the Bathroom

Listen to this song a few times, and you'll be able to ask your teacher this question in Mandarin when you need to.


Posted on: 13 Sep. 2018
Little Dragon Song

 Learn how to say 'dragon' in Chinese at the start of your Mandarin studies!


Posted on: 4 Sep. 2018
Chinese characters in nature

A lot of Chinese characters look a lot like what they represent. Here are some fun examples. Can you draw them? 


Posted on: 30 Aug. 2018

 Do you like wǎngqiú? Here you can see some Wimbledon news in Mandarin.


Posted on: 10 Jul. 2018
World Cup Quarter-Final Highlights

 In Mandarin.


Posted on: 10 Jul. 2018
Rubrix cube madness - amazing skills

This boy is amazing! Check him out. Juggling rubix 


Posted on: 4 Jul. 2018
World Cup Highlights in Mandarin

This video includes the England vs Tusnisia highlights. NTDCHINESE uploads daily World Cup highlights to their YouTube channel. This is a fun way to learn countires and practice listening Mandarin. The presenters speak quickly. For an extra challenge, write down any words that you recongnise.


Posted on: 22 Jun. 2018
Check out the Thirsty song!

This is quite catchy... enjoy!


Posted on: 13 Jun. 2018
Check out these amazing women walking on heels in China!

Some women decide to walk 4000 feet above the ground in high heels.  


Posted on: 10 Jun. 2018
Telling the time

 Have a listen to this catchy song. It sounds a lot like another song you've heard before. Which one? One of the numbers from 1-12 changes. Can you spot which one?


Posted on: 23 May. 2018
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