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Spring in China

Residents and visitors in China were treated to beautiful flowers as Spring arrived. Aerial footage shows vast areas of cherry blossoms in the Guizhou Province.


Posted on: 9 Apr. 2018
Qing Ming Festival

This is one of the most important traditional festivals for Chinese people! This video explains what people do on this day. 

#tomb-sweeping #festival #ancestor 

Posted on: 5 Apr. 2018
Terracotta Warriors - Cartoon

 This cartoon lets us know about the Terracotta Warriors in the city of Xi'an. Who were they and what were they built for? 


Posted on: 26 Mar. 2018
The Food and Drink Song

Learn different food and drinks and many other useful words!


Posted on: 20 Mar. 2018
'Pull the radish'!

Learn this fun Primary song - pull the radish!


Posted on: 16 Mar. 2018
是不是 song!

Remember the song about mayo and the sandwich!? (有没有)- well here is the follow up song, 是不是, and we find out about her good friend!


Posted on: 12 Mar. 2018
Learn the Chinese character for 'dog'

 As we have just entered the Year of the Dog, watch this video to learn how to write the Chinese character for 'dog'


Posted on: 5 Mar. 2018
Shaolin KungFu Kicks!

 Learn 6 basic Shaolin Kungfu Kicks! Make sure you have space to do this!


Posted on: 5 Mar. 2018
Monks Punching Drill!

Learn how to do the Monks Punching Drill!


Posted on: 5 Mar. 2018
Pinyin Review

We can all read pinyin very well now, but there are still some tricky ones. Pratcice the sounds from this song for a quick review of pinyin! 


Posted on: 27 Feb. 2018
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